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Robin Nas alias ZenkOne is a versatile artist who creates illustrations, paintings, graphic design and beautiful, impressive murals. He started off his career by drawing shoes and heroes from comic books when he was young: “When I was at primary school I drew a lot and that’s when I first got in touch with graffiti and illustration.” 

Artist Spotlight #1: ZenkOne
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In 2005 ZenkOne set up his studio in Breda and over the years he has worked for an impressive amount of clients from all over the world. His work is a mix of realistic and graphical elements, creating interesting compositions. Robin is extremely precise and his style is approachable but still unique.

“Normally with a mural project for me it’s important to start with exploring and experiencing the space and I want to get input from the client before I get my inspiration out of the setting.“ ZenkOne developed dozens of murals in the Netherlands and Belgium of which you can see a selection in his portfolio


 Selection of ZenkOne's portfolio


ZenkOne was asked to create a mural in Pand Noord containing typical Amsterdam North elements like the NDSM dockyard and the Noord-Zuidlijn, the new metro line that connects the north to the south of Amsterdam. For this project ZenkOne got his inspiration from the history, the creativity and the developments of Amsterdam North. 

“The patterns, construction and playing of lines I came across in the images during research intrigued me. Think about the crosses of a crane, stripes of a festival, the exposed steel constructions in the old buildings, ropes of a fishnet but also the fish bone structure in flooring of the building the mural will be developed for”

“The idea was to integrate the mural in the space by letting the color of the concrete and the red wall paneling be one with the color palette. The painting should be impressive and overwhelming as soon as you step into the space. The use of color and structure radiates a sense of peace at the same time”.

Some of the keywords ZenkOne used for his sketches for Pand Noord are: 
Industrial, Entertainment, Raw, Impressive, Construction, Balance, Collection, Development and growth.


Finished Mural


 Sketches for the Pand Noord Mural


Want ZenkOne on your wall? Check out his illustrations for IXXI!

 View portfolio ZenkOne



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