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Posted by Demi on 11/29/18 10:30 AM


Aftermovie on Vimeo.

November 15th was the third edition of HowWow. We had Ivan Flugelman from Sehsucht, David Watzstein from Garrigosa Studio and Bart Yates from BlinkInk over to tell us all about the how and the wow behind their creations. The presentations were all so different but so impressive. They told us facts about their projects we almost couldn’t imagine. Read more about their insights below and find the images of the night at the bottom of the article.


Ivan talked about Sehsuchts diverse work. Next to the Wow projects in hybrid film making, we thought it was super inspiring to hear all about innovative projects like the VR video they developed for Moderat. 

Ivan Flugelman from Sehsucht

Garrigosa Studio
We loved the stories David told us about the way they combine their disciplines photography, postproduction and cgi. It was amazing to see how they created their Lungenliga project. They decided to photograph the models in real water tanks to get the best result and they used postproduction for the finishing touch. What David also revealed is that they photographed over 150 people in one day with postproduction as well to create an image for an Inter Milan F.C. campaign. One day!

You can find the Lungenliga and Inter Milan images on Garrigosa Studios portfolio.

David Watztein from Garrigosa Studio

We knew BlinkInk and we knew their work but we were very surprised when Bart showed us how stop motion was used to create some of their most elaborate animations! We looked at an animated tapestry they created for the BBC World Cup commercial, which turned out to be a gazillion panels of actual embroidery that were photographed and stitched together. Bart brought it with him so we literally had a piece of their work in our hands. What we also thought was fun is that one of BlinkInks team members loves to bake and actually practiced at home how they could make the best gingerbread men for their BBC Great British Bake Off commercial. 

Bart Yates from BlinkInk

We enjoyed the evening and hope you visitors did too! We hope to see you again at HowWow next year. Want an impression or find out if there are worse pics of you? We created a lovely little photo album so you can spot yourself here! Pics by our very own Marty Marn. 



We LOVE great artworks, campaigns and ads that give us the WOW sensation. But HOW?! HowWow is our yearly event with speakers from the most interesting production companies from all across the world. During the event they share the stories behind the creations.


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