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In late August, the latest volume of the biennial series of 200 Best Illustrators 18/19 will be available worldwide. As on previous occasions, the volume has turned out to be a beautiful survey comprising 296 pages of the best illustration around, featuring talent from a total of 34 countries. 

Lurzers_1The illustration that was selected for the cover page titled Brex The Lionheart and was originally created by UK illustrator Andy Potts for The Great British Postcard Competition 2017.

The work featured in this new book was culled by an international jury of 10 from a total 4000+ submissions from 55 countries.

Lürzer's Archive: "Over the past six or seven years, preselection of the work to go into the jury round has become more and more tricky. The main reason for this is the way Digital has informed all aspects of the illustrator's profession. And there is a very fine line indeed between a lot of illustrators' work and that of CGl artists, a group for which we have our own special, the 200 Best Digital Artists. The latest volume of that - it's also a biennial - we've started to work on right now and expect to publish it towards the end of the year. So our task was once again to keep the obvious "digital wizardry" that erases the borders between illustration, photography and CGI, in other words the brilliant stuff that is done in this field for our upcoming Digital special.This is not an easy task as quite a few CGI artists rightfully see themselves as illustrators. Still, we managed to keep the work featured within the realm of what is usually perceived as "illustration", even though increasingly computers play a big part in the creation of the work."


 On the right: Let's Go by Michiel Baumgarten 

For this edition 9 artists we represent were selected to be featured in 200 best illustrators. We couldn't be more proud of course and would like to share the featured work with you. Get your hands on one of these gems online. 


On the left: Print Your Life by Eduardo Bertone


 On the right:  Lakeside Retreat (top) and The Absent Writer (bottom) by Jan van der Veken


 On the left: Korenbeurs (top) Duvel (bottom left) Bridge To Liberation (bottom right) by Sjoerd Verbeek. On the right: Dutch Effies by Yngwie Boley


 On the left: Trademark by Oscar Llorens


 On the left: Motamota by Ruslan Suleimanov


 On the left: Life Aquatic by DUSK Studio


JBL by Illusion

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It was back in the early 1980s that advertising copywriter and agency owner Walter Lürzer banged his fist down on the table and resolutely shouted out to himself: "If no one's going to do it for me, I'm going to have to do it myself - for everyone!" What he was referring to, back in that dark pre-internet era, was the laborious process of hunting out and compiling advertising campaigns from around the world.

In those days, there were not many ways of finding out how products and services were being advertised in, say, America, Asia, or individual European countries. The first issue of Lürzer's Archive magazine was published October 1984 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

Today the title has over 150,000 readers worldwide.


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